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Avideh Branding & Marketing Agency
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به احترام استاد شجریان for Avideh: <p class=rteright>شجریان، صدای مردم ایران</p>

<p class=rteright>استاد بى بدیل موسیقى ایران از دل تاریخ این مرز و بوم برخواسته و لاجرم چون مرغ حق بر دل و ایمان مردم ایران نشسته است. او رهرو مسیر حافظ،سعدى و مولانا است.به احترام او و به احترام سالها مونس مردم ایران بودن، به خود حق دادیم این اثر را با مهر و دوستى به استاد و مردم تقدیم كنیم. برای ادای احترام به استاد هشتگ #استاد_دوست_داریم را در شبكه های اجتماعی بر روی عکس، فیلم و مطالب مرتبط استفاده و دنبال کنید</p>

<p class=rteright>برای تماشای این اثر به<a href=> لینک کانال آویده</a> در سایت آپارات مراجعه فرمایید .</p>

<p class=rteright>ما را در <a href=>تلگرام</a>  <a href=>اینستاگرام</a>  و  <a href=>توییتر</a>  آویده دنبال کنید .</p>
به احترام استاد شجریان

شجریان، صدای مردم ایران

استاد بى بدیل موسیقى ایران از دل تاریخ این مرز و بوم برخواسته و لاجرم چون مرغ حق بر دل و more


Avideh advertising agency accredited by ministry of culture and guidance, with over than 30 years of experiences is active in developing branding and packaging and also proposing new short-term and   long-term advertising strategies.

Working with young talented and active experts along with pronounced scientific consultants and professional and creative cadre,Avideh has always been successful to offer differ differences to customers.Generally halal business is the comer stone of what avideh believes in.


Avideh is a full service marketing, branding and design agency. We provide you with a total marketing strategy and then communicate that message to your customers. Take a moment to review the services we offer. Our Marketing services include :


Consumers need to know what you stand for so they can grasp what you have to offer them. After they understand who you are, they begin to make a connection and develop a fondness. At avideh, we help develop that fondness for your brand through brand strategies and creative design.


Busy with day-to-day activities, often times, many owners and managers do not have the time or the staff to develop a successful marketing plan. As the result, too much or too little money is spent with no marketing plan or goal in mind.


 Here at Avideh we offer more than simply communication products. We offer solutions to marketing problems. In addition, our commitment is to provide a range of services that our clients expect through a one-stop-shop.

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