Takdaneh Agro-industrial company in 1362, over a quarter century ago, among the farms and fruit orchards Marand city, founded in East Azerbaijan. And now, after many years, the company is recognized as the largest producer of fruit juices. Today, by the grace of God and hard-working colleagues; Takdaneh Agro-industrial Company with a variety of products has entered the World Trade and its products exported to more than sixteen countries including Japan, America and Europe. Process and packaging lines, the company consists of modern machines in the world that has the ability to compete with the best. In addition, consumption of raw materials and modern production techniques and the company Takdaneh has helped in the supply of quality products and has the company among the top five brands in 1390. Getting a quality unit award in previous years and in 1388, confirming the company's goal is to provide high quality products. The company's products, the following can be noted: • Different kinds of fruit juice concentrate • Fruit puree • Tetra Pak juice in different sizes (start of production of a liter of juice Gemini pack of 88) • Paste cans • Juice, contain fruit pieces in aluminum cans

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