InStore Marketing(Field Marketing)

We are close to more retailers nationwide every week in Iran Market.  We work with many of the top retailers and brands in the Iran., conducting regular activity in FMGC.
We are  where you need us to be.
We visit stores on a regular and ad hoc basis in Iran Market. Allowing us to create specific call cycles to meet our clients’ needs. Avideh Advertising agency in iran create spcial strategic communication conduct all types of field marketing activity from promotional set up, point of sale placement, compliance checks to range implementation and returns processing, Merchandising and sampling. 
All of our activity is set up bespoke to clients’ needs. We find best sulotion for brand’s sale  By providing the field teams with handheld technology it enables us to provide real-time information via surveys, photos and signatures. our report are accessible on all platforms, giving you a view of the activity as it is happening.
Our contracted staff have territories and dedicated areas of work, enabling them to build strong ongoing relationships in the work they conduct daily, weekly or monthly in stores. 
We plan our field teams workload most efficiently, supported by cutting-edge territory planning and activity allocation, meaning they spend their days in store on actions that maximise return on investment for you, first time every time.
We are proud to say that we consistently deliver on our KPIs, which is corroborated by achieving customer satisfaction of 98% overall.
Our work is consistently shown to drive compliance, thus increasing profitability through sales, product availability, promotional awareness and shrink management, benefitting both retailers and their suppliers.

Avideh-Brand Communication Agency gives to your brand a full services instore marketing and field activation we are your partner in iran. you can find the best branding and advertising for sale with Avideh.

Instore Marketing
Field Marketing